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14 11, 2012

Nancy Pelosi Smack Down!

By | November 14th, 2012|2012 election, Democrats, Feminism, Politics, Women in Politics|5 Comments

A good photo opp is worth a thousand words.  And that's what we got as Nancy Pelosi announced she will stay in her leadership role in the Democratic Party, after speculation that she might step aside once President Obama was re-elected.  As she put those rumors to rest, Pelosi surrounded herself with elected women in [...]

6 11, 2012

Election Pins and Needles: What’s Been Keeping You Awake?

By | November 6th, 2012|2012 election, 2016 election, Politics, Presidential Campaigns|2 Comments

I'm too distracted to write anything coherent or pithy, but so many thoughts are running around in my head about the outcome of today's election, so I thought I'd share: 1. My parents live in Pennsylvania -- one of  the states that tried to ram through mandatory photo ID laws for voting. A judge put [...]

5 11, 2012

High Anxiety on the Election Front

By | November 5th, 2012|2012 election, Democrats, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans|3 Comments

Predictions are always a dangerous thing, especially in an election that has been as contentious as the one between President Obama and Mitt Romney. While there is a feeling in the air that we are in a "perfect storm" set-up for a long election night as a result of self-appointed vigilante-like poll watchers, insufficient early [...]

31 10, 2012

Political Mothers: The Key to Winning the White House

By | October 31st, 2012|2012 election, Making Our Political Voices Heard, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Women in Politics|2 Comments

  I've gotten used to being scoffed at when it comes to my political bona fides. Because the word "mom" is in the name of my site, I'm often dismissed as someone who isn't focused on current events, our political climate or electoral events.  I'm a mother, so I must only be interested in what [...]

29 10, 2012

Ten Ways to Win Women’s Votes

By | October 29th, 2012|2012 election, Making Our Political Voices Heard, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Women in Politics|0 Comments

Ten ways to win women's votes? Thanks, Ellen Bravo!

19 10, 2012

Your Voice, Your Vote: “Binders Full of Women” Will Make the Difference on Election Day

By | October 19th, 2012|2012 election, Changing the World, Politics, Women in Politics|3 Comments

"Binders full of women" have been the hot political topic of the week! Some observers have lamented that there are many more important things to be talking about --like job reports, unemployment, Libya. But when it comes to winning elections, nothing is more important than convincing the largest voting group that you are the man [...]

14 09, 2012

Ann Romney Wears the Political Pants

By | September 14th, 2012|2012 election, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans, Women in Politics|8 Comments

  On the cover of TIME Magazine's online convention daily coverage, Ann Romney was pictured in a lovely plum-colored blouse and a pair of jeans. Or, should I say, she's wearing the pants. How apt. I'm convinced that Ann Romney wears the pants in her household, both when it comes to their family and when [...]

11 09, 2012

“Cult of Mom” Politics

By | September 11th, 2012|2012 election, Democrats, Feminism, Moms & Politics, Politics, Republicans, Women in Politics|5 Comments

  Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz each have two things in common. They were featured speakers at the Democratic National Convention and they're moms. I'm not bringing up their motherhood status because I think it's important. They did. I'm the first person to applaud women who are mothers who openly embrace their [...]

8 09, 2012

Five Reasons I Liked President Obama’s DNC Speech

By | September 8th, 2012|2012 election, Democrats, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans|0 Comments

  For a Democrat like me, it was hard not to like President Obama's nomination acceptance speech at the DNC. Since it was coming on the heels of Mitt Romney's speech in Tampa for the RNC, I knew he'd be ready to take on the attacks. Five things really struck me, though, including his decision [...]

6 09, 2012

Democratic Spirits Not Dampened by Rain or Change in Plans

By | September 6th, 2012|2012 election, Democrats, Politics, Presidential Campaigns|1 Comment

When I asked some of the volunteers at the Democratic National Convention about Barack Obama's acceptance speech being moved from the outdoor Bank of America Stadium to the more weather-friendly Charlotte Convention Center, I could see the disappointment on their faces. They've been working long hours all week, helping things go smoothly, cheerfully directing delegates [...]

6 09, 2012

DNC Jobs Panel: Will STEM Jobs & Community Colleges Be the Answer?

By | September 6th, 2012|2012 election, Democrats, Politics, Presidential Campaigns|0 Comments

The 2012 election is about jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs. And the economy. That's what everyone says, and that's what many convention speeches are about. But what jobs? For which segments of the population? Working parents? Kids just out of college? Students trying to work their way through college? Or high school grads just trying to [...]

31 08, 2012

Mia Love: The Next Best Republican Hope

By | August 31st, 2012|2012 election, Feminism, Moms & Politics, Politics, Republicans, Women in Politics|0 Comments

Don't we all love something new? Something hip and happenin'? Something that's so fresh that even just talking about it makes you say, "Is that even possible?" That's what the Republicans have in Mia Love, the mayor of the small town of Saratoga Springs, Utah who is running for Congress in a newly created district [...]

29 08, 2012

5 Things I Hated About Ann Romney’s Speech

By | August 29th, 2012|2012 election, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans, Women in Politics|20 Comments

So, I've already weighed in on Ann Romney's attempts to make her husband out to be all warm and fuzzy and the kind of guy you not only want to take home to the parents, but who will also work his darnedest in the White House. There are plenty of people kvelling over her speech [...]

29 08, 2012

Dear GOP: Something’s Missing

By | August 29th, 2012|2012 election, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans|0 Comments

I watched pretty much all of the live coverage of the first full night of the Republican National Convention. I even watched it on C-SPAN so I wouldn't get the spin of my usual (and favorite) talking heads! I truly wanted to hear what so many of these Republicans were going to say, and I [...]

29 08, 2012

Ann Romney and the GOP: Courting the Mom Vote

By | August 29th, 2012|2012 election, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans, Women in Politics|4 Comments

Ann Romney was after the mom vote big time at the Republican Convention last night. Moms hold the country together. Moms sigh a lot. Moms worry a lot. She was a mom who worried a lot. But she trusted Mitt and she got through her motherhood experience. So all of us moms should trust Mitt, [...]

27 08, 2012

Going to Charlotte!

By | August 27th, 2012|2012 election, Adoption, Democrats, Mothers and Daughters, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans|0 Comments

  Guess who's going to the Democratic National Convention? Yup! I'm super-excited that I'm going to be headed to Charlotte to experience my second presidential convention and my first one with the Democrats. (I covered a Republican Convention back in my broadcast journalism days, but I won't tell you which one, as it would totally [...]

19 06, 2012

Stay-at-Home Moms Caused the War on Women?

By | June 19th, 2012|2012 election, Changing the World, Feminism, Making Our Political Voices Heard, Moms & Politics, Politics|0 Comments

  Excuse me, moms. Have you ever stepped off your work or career path to be a full-time stay-at-home parent? If so then you, like me, are to blame for the impending demise of feminism. At least that's what one so-called social critic is trying to get everyone to believe. Just when you [...]

6 06, 2012

Progressive Women Rock

By | June 6th, 2012|2012 election, Changing the World, Democrats, Making Our Political Voices Heard, Politics|1 Comment

Women are going to be the key to which candidate -- President Obama vs Mitt Romney -- will win the White House in November. That's what we're talking about on our Netroots Nation panel on Thursday -- how to engage that crucial voting bloc with online tools. The panel with Viva la Feminista Veronica Arreola, [...]

30 05, 2012

Michelle Obama Tells Her Girls to “Get Tough.” Should We Tell Our Kids the Same?

By | May 30th, 2012|2012 election, Changing the World, Democrats, Moms & Politics, Women in Politics|9 Comments

Tweens are steeped in the world of slights and hurt feelings. Wear the wrong head band to school, and your day could be ruined by one small comment. Someone says they hate you, but the next day they're all chummy again. And as our kids get older, and more connected online, there's the cyber-bullying to [...]

14 05, 2012

Women and Social Media: The Key to Electoral Success

By | May 14th, 2012|2012 election, Democrats, Politics, Women in Politics|2 Comments

I'm looking forward to this year's Netroots Nation conference where I'll be on a a great panel with three amazing women I know -- Veronica Arreola of Viva la Feminista, Kristen Rowe-Finkbeiner of MomsRising and Carol Jenkins, the former president of the Women's Media Center. I always enjoy being on panels where we talk about [...]

7 05, 2012

Republicans! Get in My Vagina!

By | May 7th, 2012|2012 election, Feminism, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans|2 Comments

You know, I thought Funny or Die was a comedy site, but it turns out they are going to a major political player this election year. Ashley Judd taking on Rick Santorum. Bringing President Bartlet back to us. And now, in a mere two and  a half minutes, Kate Beckinsale and some of her friends [...]

29 04, 2012

Where in the World? 4/29/12 Edition

By | April 29th, 2012|2012 election, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans|4 Comments

Things are hopping in this election year, so I'm not always writing here as much as I'd like to. But I've still got my pundit hat on.  Some other places I was hanging out this week? I was over at POLITICO's Arena with my political strategist hat on talking about the imminent end of New [...]

20 04, 2012

Mitt Romney’s VP Choice: Who’s on Your List?

By | April 20th, 2012|2012 election, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans|2 Comments

Now that Mitt Romney is the unofficial GOP Presidential nominee who will be taking on President Obama in the fall, all good pundits are turning their thoughts to vice presidential predictions! (What will we do when there's nothing to predict!) So as iVillage 2012 Election Editor and Correspondent, I sat down with my election partner [...]

13 04, 2012

Apparently I’m a Socialist: More on Ann Romney & Mommy Wars 2012

By | April 13th, 2012|2012 election, Democrats, Making Our Political Voices Heard, Moms & Politics, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans, Women in Politics|9 Comments

Well, I knew this whole Ann Romney "never worked a day in her life" showdown with Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen would re-ignite the ever-percolating "mommy wars" (Devra, make it stop), but it's taken on a gargantuan life of its own. I hope for the sake of our country we can move on to [...]

12 04, 2012

More Political Mommy Wars? Here We Go Again!

By | April 12th, 2012|2012 election, Economy, Moms & Politics, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans|6 Comments

Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life. Ouch. I'm counting the seconds until CNN commentator Hilary Rosen, who also is a DNC adviser, gets the boot from DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Not that I think Rosen should go, but that lone comment will be an ongoing distraction for weeks [...]

11 04, 2012

Ann Romney as GOP’s Secret Weapon: Should She be the Republican Candidate?

By | April 11th, 2012|2012 election, Moms & Politics, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans|1 Comment

With Rick Santorum out of the presidential race, Mitt Romney can unofficially turn his attention to campaigning against President Barack Obama. But he's been having problems connecting with voters, especially women. Can Mitt turn that around? And if so, how? I had a chance to discuss that with Kelly Wallace as part of the iVillage [...]

10 04, 2012

Rick Santorum Ends 2012 Campaign. When Will His Bid for 2016 Begin?

By | April 10th, 2012|2012 election, 2016 election|2 Comments

Political observers knew it was just a matter of time until Rick Santorum dropped out of the 2012 presidential race. The numbers game was against him -- at the moment Mitt Romney has almost three times as many convention delegates as Santorum. Even though the former Senator from Pennsylvania had a bigger fan club, Romney [...]

10 04, 2012

Rick Warren & His Let Them Eat Cake Social Policy

By | April 10th, 2012|2012 election, Economy, Politics, Presidential Campaigns|3 Comments

Rick Warren is one of the most high-profile religious leaders in America. If you're not familiar, he's the head of the Saddleback mega-church in California and an author who apparently is on somewhat friendly terms with President Obama.  But I think that's about to change as Warren is going to bat for the Republican uber-conservatives. [...]

9 04, 2012

Romney Mommy Issues?

By | April 9th, 2012|2012 election, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans|6 Comments

  It's no secret that GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney has some issues. He's the front-runner in a field of less-than-perfect Republican candidates, and he's got a little bit too much of the Al Gore thing going in his campaign. You know what I'm talking about -- he's a not comfortable in crowds, [...]

30 03, 2012

“Sexy” President Obama?

By | March 30th, 2012|2012 election, Democrats, Presidential Campaigns|1 Comment

Because this is just too fun not to watch ....