15 10, 2009

Aging Backwards

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It's my birthday, and I'll be in denial if I want to. Shall we say 49 then?

11 10, 2009

PunditMom Photo Sunday

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Playing with a different camera today -- a Nikon COOLPIX L100!

7 10, 2009

More Good Reasons Health Care Has to Change

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Why are women really being treated like second-class citizens in the world of health care and insurance? I don't hear the women Senators and Representatives calling for an end to coverage for male-only maladies.  There is a serious lack of compassion and understanding about women's lives today among the older generations of men on Capitol [...]

3 10, 2009

PunditMom Photo Saturday — We're Pleased to Inform You!

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I'm pretty thrilled, too.  Now I need to get my butt in gear and make this book (can you say "Mothers of Intention") happen. :)

1 10, 2009

Why Did it Take Three Decades to Arrest Roman Polanski?

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It's been a while since director Roman Polanski was a major topic of conversation.  Whenever he has a project -- especially when he won the Best Director Oscar for the movie The Pianist -- there's a lot of discussion about why authorities have never been able to bring him back to the U.S. to face [...]

27 09, 2009

Type-A Mom Conference Photo Sunday

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Just a little something to remind me about the great time I had at the Type-A Mom conference!  PunditGirl was VERY excited to get one of these!

19 09, 2009

PunditMom Photo Saturday

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Modern day Mondrian?

14 09, 2009

“Me” Time? What’s That?

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Recently, I was asked to contemplate the following -- what is it like to have "me time" back now that the school year has started?  What will I do with it?  Exercise?  Jump for joy? Where is it and how do I find it? Unfortunately, I'm not very good at carving it out for myself, [...]

12 09, 2009

PunditMom Photo Saturday

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I'm having so much fun with my new Lensbaby! Wyoming waterfall And, yes, I paid for it myself and am only talking about it because I really like it and no one paid me to say that!

5 09, 2009

PunditMom Photo Saturday

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I'm just LOVING the new Lensbaby! (Thank you Shutter Sisters!)  Though it did take me a while to realize that shutter & aperture settings had to be vastly different than with my Tamron lens!

1 09, 2009

Tweet Progress — Yes, Progressive Activists Can!

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My friend and future "partner in crime" Tracy Viselli is one of the great people behind a new effort online called Tweet Progress.  If you think Twitter is just a little diversion, think again -- things are changing!  Here's Tracy's guest post about why Tweet Progress is the new, new thing! As a social media [...]

29 08, 2009

PunditMom Photo Saturday

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One from the archives!

26 08, 2009

Best of PunditMom — “Mommy” Bloggers in the Wall Street Journal’s Face

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A while back, The Wall Street Journal ran an article about the famed dooce entitled, The Blogger Mom, In Your Face. Sue Shellenbarger, who writes about work and family for the WSJ, wrote: "Mommy blogs in general tend to be everyday diaries of details one might share over coffee -- baby's first step or the [...]

23 08, 2009

Going off the Grid

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Sometimes a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do! In the meantime, enjoy some Mothers of Intention and "Best of" PunditMom this week!  ;)

22 08, 2009

PunditMom Photo Saturday

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Sure there were lots of celebrity phot opps at Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh, but I sort of liked this view from my hotel room. I'm a little weird like that.

16 08, 2009

Have You Changed Your PunditMom URL?

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So, I'm really enjoying the beautiful new look that my friends at LEAP Design made just for me!  But in case you hadn't noticed, I've got a new url too! Which, as you probably know, means that all that Google-y tracking stuff gets all off kilter.  So the next time you have a chance, if [...]

15 08, 2009

PunditMom Photo Saturday

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Chicago Fireworks, BlogHer '09 Yeah, I was getting a little crazy with the camera by the time BlogHer '09 was over.  Maybe it was the wine?

13 08, 2009

If a Sore Knee & an Ear Infection Make a Family Uninsurable, We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Than I Thought

By | August 13th, 2009|Changing the World, Making Our Political Voices Heard, Moms & Politics, Uncategorized, Women in Politics|4 Comments

My fellow MOMocrat and friend Sheila Bernus Dowd has a little something to say about health care and health insurance in a new feature at MOMocrats called "Hear My Story."  There's so much fighting, even, as I'm discovering the hard way, among friends, about finding the best way to fix the problems with how health [...]

12 08, 2009

When Back-to-School Gets Political

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I walk a fine line in my neighborhood when back-to-school time rolls around. See, Mr. PunditMom and I made a decision several years ago that proved to be pretty controversial for our area -- we chose not to send PunditGirl to the public elementary school and decided that she should, at least for a while, [...]

1 08, 2009

PunditMom Photo Saturday

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I gave myself permission to stray from some of the BlogHer ’09 programming this year to take advantage of some of the other fun things going on — like the Shutter Sisters Walkabout in Chicago!  Even though it was a bit of a schlep to take my Nikon SLR with all the other electronics I “needed,” I did and boy was I glad. I was lucky to be able to try out the Lensbaby, which does all sorts of cool photo things! Though you do have to find a building that looks like this, too […]

11 07, 2009

World Population Day & Global Maternal Health

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We're so luck in our country to have access to amazing health care (even as we discuss what we can do to make things better) and to information that allows mothers to be healthy and have healthy pregnancies and children.  But so many around the world aren't that lucky --- My friend David at It's [...]

11 07, 2009

Photography Saturday — We’re Off to the Beach!

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Now that the all new and improved PunditMom has been launched (isn't it PRET-ty?), the PunditFamily is headed for a little R&R at the beach.   But before I go, I have to say a big thank you to my friend Laurie  -- you know her better as one of the Kirtsy gals! -- and her [...]

5 07, 2009

Is Paris Hilton Still Available for a Cabinet Post?

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As we're coming up on the long holiday weekend, the PunditMom family is heading out to sunny California to visit family. While we're away, I thought it would be fun to revisit a couple of posts from the heat of the presidential campaign last year.Remember when Paris Hilton decided to run for president? I still [...]

3 07, 2009

Sarah Palin Resigns as Alaska Governor

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Just when we thought the Fourth of July weekend was going to be dominated by continuing coverage of Michael Jackson's death, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin stepped in to give us something else to talk about -- her sudden and unexpected announcement that she will resign before the end of the month.You can watch the full [...]

1 07, 2009

Sorry for the Brief Delay

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Sorry I didn't have a chance to write about the health care stuff I had planned for today. Between errands and getting an exciting last minute call from CNN with Rick Sanchez to talk about Jenny Sanford (!), with Rick Sanchez I ran out of time.But if you'd like something to read, I have a [...]

28 06, 2009

So Much I Didn’t Know

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A friend forwarded this video in connection with some research she's doing for PunditGirl's school. The information is truly amazing, and makes me think about how when I graduated from law school 20 years ago, I thought I knew the world as it was going to be for much of my life.Yeah, I was SOOO [...]

26 06, 2009

Supreme Court Says School Strip Search Unconstitutional, But Where are the Consequences?

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Six years ago, 13-year-old Savana Redding was called to the principal's office because another girl claimed she had given her prescription strength ibuprofen in violation of the school's strict "zero tolerance" drug policy. When school officials didn't find anything in Redding's backpack or other belongings, they ordered her to strip to her underwear and pull [...]

24 06, 2009

Nico Pitney — Foot in the Door or Flunking Journalism 101?

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President Obama made a really big deal out of calling on and highlighting the fact that he called on Nico Pitney of The Huffington Post at his news conference. Pitney asked Obama a question about Iran, which is really no big surprise, even though the point of the news conference was to discuss the health [...]

23 06, 2009

Another Reason to Love Social Media

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I was all set to write about the health care hearings that are happening on Capitol Hill today, and I promise I will get to that soon.But today I really need to talk about the deadly crash of two Metro cars on the Red Line in Washington, D.C. and the outpouring of concern and caring [...]

21 06, 2009

PunditMom Weekend Photo!

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Busy for the Father's Day weekend, but here's one I like from a fountain on the National Mall!Photo by PunditMom