2016.02.05_Manchester_New_Hampshire,_USA_02352_(24733662252)The current state of affairs is a needless persecution of someone who has long been described as “… beloved by the Democratic rank and file for her aggressive, outspoken advocacy for liberal points of view.” It’s a persecution that fits nicely into Donald Trump’s playbook of embarrassing Democrats, making them look like fools and convincing Americans that somehow he has a better handle on appeasing a crowd.


I’m going to do something very unpopular. I’m going out on a limb to speak in defense (sort of) of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), the newest whipping girl for the Bernie Sanders arm of the Democratic Party.

Wasserman Schultz is, for a few more days, also the head of the Democratic National Committee — the fundraising arm of the party. When President Barack Obama appointed her to that position in 2011, she was praised for “her tenacity, her strength, her fighting spirit and her ability to overcome adversity.”

Fast forward five years, and apparently that aggressiveness and outspokenness has outlived its usefulness because some in the party feel she has become polarizing and divisive. And, because Wasserman Schultz apparently let her support of Democrat Hillary Clinton get in the way of Bernie Sanders, the Independent Socialist.

You can read the rest of my piece at The Hill.


Image via Wikimedia Commons/Ted Eytan/CC License