Mayday! Mayday! Watch out! There is a “fiscal cliff!” We’re headed straight for it! It will be the ruin of all America!

Just as soon as the 2012 presidential election was over, media outlets had a huge vacuum to fill and nothing to fill it with, at least that’s what I have to assume since cable news is 24/7 fiscal cliff coverage ever since President Obama was declared the winner.

But guess what. Despite the constant drumbeat of scary cliff talk, there is no such thing as a “fiscal cliff.” Yes, we have a serious budget situation thanks, mostly, to the tax cuts given to us by former President George W. Bush, as well as the tinkering his administration did with the tax code.

So what is this “fiscal cliff” all the kids are talking about these days? Find out at my column at The Broad Side, the online magazine of women’s commentary!