Barack Obama never misses an opportunity to get a personal dig in at Hillary Clinton. While he tries to remind us all of her negative campaign style, his negative approach is to kill her with a thousand cuts. More subtle, but no less effective.

Before you all start attacking me, hear me out.

No matter what Hillary Clinton says — negative or positive — Obama seems to find a way to minimize her in a way I am sure he would not do if his opponent had a Y chromosome.

Here is this week’s example:

This sounded less like a counterpunch against a worthy opponent than a weary husband complaining to his buds about the nagging little woman. “Turned the knife?” When was the last time you heard any candidate make a remark like that about another male candidate? And do you think for a minute Obama would have done the shoulder-brush move if he was talking about the male war hero? Or the former male vice-presidential candidate?

Don’t think so.

The little digs and jabs that Obama continues to engage in make me as mad as the “misstatements” that Hillary can’t seem to avoid.

So I have to wonder — if Barack Obama really thinks it’s OK to say this and this about a woman Senator, how much of an advocate is he going to be for the rest of the women in this country if he’s elected?? Michelle Obama said on the Colbert Report this week that her husband will change the lives of working women for the better. But if he can’t contain his disdain and disrespect for Senator Hillary Clinton, what should make me think that he’ll be any more generous to the rest of the women in the country?

You say it’s just her? He’s not like that if it’s any other women? I have a hard time believing that this is just about Hillary. The slights seem to come too naturally.

So both of you, enough!! Barack, you’re really ticking off a lot of us out here with the thinly-veiled gender attacks on Hillary. You wouldn’t talk like that to Michelle — well, you might, but you’d only do it once.

And Hillary, you need to rein yourself in, too. I don’t want to hear any more news reports about misstatements.

Barack, I really want to be able to wholeheartedly support you if you are the candidate — we can’t afford more GOP time in the White House — but you’re going to have to lose the snark and the smirk when it comes to dealing with Hillary.

I’ve had enough smirk for the last 7+ years. I can’t do anymore.

OK, I’m going to duck and cover now.