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If you’re feeling a little rogue, get ready for more Mama Grizzly than you can stand because Sarah Palin is coming to multiple screens near you!

As frustrated and conflicted Republicans are trying to choose a standard bearer to challenge President Obama, is it any coincidence that Palin’s PAC has announced the re-release of the super-flattering documentary about her, The Undefeated?  She may not ever throw her hat in the ring again for national office — but she wants us all to think she will:

The Undefeated | Movie Trailer | Review

If you can’t wait for this Palin film, HBO has you covered with the release of Game Change, based on the book of the same name.  I almost felt sorry for Palin as I watched Game Change, which felt more like a mocking collection of anti-Palin greatest hits (the Katie Couric “gotcha” interview, Tina Fey‘s dead on impression and “I can see Russia from my house”), than a critical look at what happened to a campaign that thought picking any woman would be enough to put them in power. Politically, I’m no fan of Palin, but it made me cringe to see her portrayed, yet again, as not much more than a temperamental, overwhelmed hockey mom from Wasilla:

So if you’re in the mood for a political double feature, get the popcorn ready and set the DVRs, ’cause Sarah Palin is invading your television!