T minus seven days to go until the election of the century. You’d think I’d be all riled up with plenty of pundity goodness, but I feel strangely empty when it comes to my inner wonk.

There’s plenty on my mind — voter suppression, voting machine reliability, the difference in early voting vs. what those yet to vote have to say.

Maybe it’s because I’m so worried about the possibility of the GOP somehow cobbling together a plan to keep the White House, that I can’t think clearly about anything else.

Is everyone else feeling this way, or is it just me? I wish I could vote early because then, in a funny way that makes no logical sense, I could think a little more clearly, but I live in one of those states that hasn’t been propelled into the 21st century yet (although there is an initiative on the ballot this year to get us some early voting!).

It’s hard to get all fired up when the fatigue of a two-year campaign settles in and the stories about wardrobes, pretend plumbers and religion get more time than health care, education and the economy.

So help a PunditMom out. What political thoughts can re-ignite my political fire between now and next Tuesday, as long as it’s nothing too scary!