Why did it take the nomination of Sarah Palin to be John McCain’s running mate to get the mainstream media talking to women bloggers about politics?

On the heels of McCain choosing the Alaska governor, networks were scrambling to talk to moms. So what better place to find us, I suppose, than here in the blogosphere. I was lucky to get called by a variety of news outlets to lend my punditry muscles to the discussion about whether Oprah should invite Sarah Palin on her show, whether Palin was being discussed in sexist terms, whether moms would vote for her because we’re all moms (to that, I just said, WHAT??”), and all other things related in any way to she-who-can-field-dress-a-moose.

For a week, there was a flurry. I have come to appreciate the luxury of sitting in the backseat of a comfy town-car to arrive at a TV studio calm and collected! But I digress.

My point is this — where were all the reporters the week before Sarah Palin? And where are they this week?

I can hear the crickets chirping. Do they not want to hear from us unless there is a “mommy” angle? It’s clear we have loud voices and have plenty to say about politics and this past presidential election. Our opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s — I don’t recall there being “pundit” or “commentator” majors in college. Maybe we’re even more interesting!

So what do we do? How do we take this moment and cultivate it so our voices continue to get louder and heard in a way that might make a difference, both in this election and in the one that you know will start on November 5 — Road to the White House, 2012!?

I guess the answer is to keep writing. And to keep using as many avenues as possible to put our voices out there. Because there are a few in the MSM who are starting to “follow” us and maybe they’ll realize that we’re more than just mothers — we’re women with decades of education and experience with lots of informed opinions. That’s a lot more than many of the pundits who are already on TV have.

Or I suppose we could just endure a few minutes with Bill O’Reilly. THAT will get us some attention, even if it calls for an antacid immediately afterwards!

So let’s keep at it, ladies. If our voices keep getting louder, soon they’ll have to listen. Won’t they?