I thought it was safe to jump back into the political mom waters after a GOP pollster who’s talking about what “Walmart” moms are thinking this election season tried to smack me down on CNN last week — you know, that whole, ‘Ha! Moms aren’t influencers!’ shtick. But now comes a new and improved attempt to keep the ladies in a little political box and, I suspect, home from the polls in a couple of weeks.  I introduce to you —

The Weary Working Woman!  Or, as others have coined, the Weary Working Mom!

Yeah — I’m weary!  I’m weary of pollsters and analysts who devise shorthand labels for women who happen to be moms because they think we can be boiled down to a simple catch phrase, allowing them to move on to other more important things, like, say, whether Donald Trump is really going to run for President in 2012 or whether some woman candidate is a witch!

As always, since women are the majority of voters, we’re the important group that candidates supposedly want to court, so I can’t quite get my head around the continual effort to define us in such broad strokes, especially when those attempts come from the testosterone-laden corner of the political world.

But the reason some think that we of the WWW or WWM (don’t worry, McMahons we’re not trying to horn in on your market), might be the key this year is because we’re just too darn tired to get to the polls!  Or that maybe we might change our votes because we’ve been soooo impressed with that whole Sarah Palin and the mama grizzlies thing!

You know how we girlz can be so easily distracted from the real issues when there’s news about a Palin or someone offers us “tea!”

I know they tire of calling us soccer moms — that’s so 1990s.  And it’s already been proven that the whole “security mom” label was fairy-tale conveniently adopted by the George W. Bush campaign to scare us into electing him a second time.  Unfortunately, it worked.

But why the labels if you really want to talk about mothers who vote and are politically tuned in?  We’re not so inscrutable, really.  We’re happy to talk any time about the issues important to us, even if all we also want to kick off the heels and have a glass of chardonnay after the kids are in bed.

Yeah, I’m weary about a lot of things, including the pre-teen ‘you-just-don’t-understand-about-my-homework-or-my-life’ meltdown we had this week.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to vote.  If nothing else, making time to get to the polls gives me a break from that other “mom” stuff:

We weary ones will still get out, if for no reason other than to spite those who feel they have to keep coming up with this incessant mom labeling!