Oh, neo-cons.

What are you going to do in a few weeks when Hillary Clinton retires? For the past 20+ years, you have made Hillary-bashing an Olympic sport.

No matter what Hillary does. No matter where she goes. No matter what her title or job description at any given moment, even when Hillary Clinton has all-time high support, there are still a handful of high-profile conservatives who just can’t help themselves when it comes to Hillary-bashing.

You have gleefully reveled in all things anti-Hillary.

Even though her approval ratings are though the roof, and even Republican women admire her,why would the Hillary haters persist as she is stepping down from an amazing run as the uber-champion for women and girls around the globe?


Republicans know that there is a chance Hillary will run for President in 2016, so they’ve got to start laying the groundwork now so that American conservatives are ready to be whipped into an anti-Clinton frenzy at a moment’s notice.

According to one news report:

“Some Republicans believe it’s only a matter of time before [Hillary Clinton] appears in more direct-mail appeals. A second Hillary presidential campaign seems eminently possible, and it’s already prompting a fundraising appeal from the PAC ActRight, helmed by National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown, who recently wrote to his list: ‘The time to start planning for the defeat of Hillary Clinton is right now.’ “

PACs aren’t the only ones getting ready. Right-wing pundits are ramping up, no doubt hoping to get in on the talking head circuit early for the never-ending campaign cycle.

Hillary looks exhausted and overweight.

Hillary could look prettier if her ego weren’t so big that she has to fly around the world to do her job.

Hillary is the queen of faking a concussion and cerebral blood clot.

Hillary is a non-feminist doormat (though I’m not sure how that helps the GOP, since many conservatives are against the whole feminism thing)

Hey, did you hear Hillary might wear a girdle? (that’s what uber-conservatives call SPANX).

She’s only a secretary.

Even as conservative mocking of Hillary is taking on a life of its own, some Republicans concede it’s going to be  a tough sell to convince voters that they shouldn’t consider a second Hillary Clinton run for the White House. According to GOP strategist Alex Castellanos:

“She is the most powerful symbol of American women’s success in a man’s world. It is going to be tough for Republicans to attack her without also attacking what she represents. My guess is that being represented as the party that opposes American women’s success is not a great political idea.”

Is it any wonder you have so few conservative women putting themselves into the arena? They see Hillary (and others) get mocked and ridiculed and know that they’re just one run away from being treated with that same type of contempt, even from their own political tribe.