Things are really heating up for the GOP this week!  Speaker of the House John Boehner says he’s done talking about billions — that’s just chump change!  Michelle Bachmann says if she does decide to run for President, she promises she’d only be a one-termer.  Yes, we’ll all sleep better at night knowing that!

And Mitt Romney is officially in the mix (sort of) for 2012!  And, of course, like all good 21st century politicians, he made his announcement on Twitter.

I have a feeling that Sarah Palin is feeling left out right about now, so either she’ll be announcing a new reality show to get the spotlight back on her or she’ll start planning another round of  “look, I can look Presidential, too” oversees trips, just to grab some time on the cable networks.  But in the meantime, she’s latching onto the whole Donald Trump “birther” investigation, just to keep her name in the headlines.  I have no doubt Palin will think of something soon, because if there’s one thing “the Sarah” hates, it’s potential political rivals getting more press than she does!