Following up on my post from yesterday, I was encouraged by the innocence and naivete of one of my daughter’s friends.

The perceptions of young children are so interesting to me. There have been SOOO many times that adults have made some comment, or sometimes even just shot us a passing glance, when PunditGirl and I are out and about. You know, the look that says, “Oh, I see she’s adopted,” or “I wonder if that’s the mom or the babysitter?” And grown-ups aren’t the only ones — PunditGirl’s classmates have had their moments, too.

But, yesterday at the pool, my friend was telling me that her brother’s family is thinking about adopting a child from Kazakhstan. Upon telling her eight-year-old daughter Elizabeth this, her daughter said, “Wow! I’ve never known anyone adopted from another country!” With some shock in her voice, my friend said, “But you know PunditGirl was adopted from China. We’ve talked about how her mom and dad went to China to bring her home.”

Momentarily dumbfounded, Elizabeth replied, “That can’t be — PunditGirl looks just like her mommy!” Now, while PunditGirl and I do both have brown hair, that’s about where the physical similarities end. But in Elizabeth’s mind, she didn’t see different eyes or different skin — she just saw a mommy and a daughter who belong together.

As the daughter of one of my best friends, I already loved Elizabeth, but I love her even more now.