I have been dragging my feet on a big project for some time now.

I cleared most of the extraneous things from my calendar. I’m ‘just saying no’ to things I otherwise would have said yes to — writing projects, school parent duties, cooking!

I took the trip I said I needed to make to get started. And found some amazing things I never thought I would discover about my little PunditGirl.

One of my best friends keeps saying, only half in jest, “Is it done yet?”

But for some reason, I’m stuck. Part of it is this crazy thing called blogging, part of it is paying work and part of it is fear.

What if no one wants to read it? What if I can’t write it? What if PunditGirl doesn’t want to know it?

The “it” is a book. About me. And PunditGirl. (And Mr. PunditMom, of course). And our journey to each other.

Chinese legend says that there is an invisible and unbreakable red thread that joins all people who are meant to be together. Sometimes it’s tangled or extremely long. But if people are meant to be together, the red thread will lead them to each other.

But what happened between the time that PunditGirl was born and the “red thread” attached itself to our hearts and the time that it brought us together is a story I feel compelled to know.

A missing year of her life is too much of a mystery. A few pieces of the puzzle can be easily discovered, but most will take a lot of digging. And even with that, there will still be significant parts we will never know.

A good idea? Hard to say.

But there’s information out there I need to know. I’m just not sure why I’m scared to find it.