American families across the country are breathing a major sigh of relief. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as “Obamacare“) is constitutional and that Congress was within its power to mandate that Americans buy health insurance or be subject to a financial penalty.

Now, there are all sorts of legal aspects to this case that will be parsed in the coming days — especially the part in which the law was ruled constitutional not under the Commerce Clause, as had been argued, but as a part of Congress’ taxing authority — but this is amazing news for families who have been cut off from insurance because of pre-existing conditions, lifetime limits on insurance coverage and who couldn’t come up with out-of-pocket payments for preventative services, like mammograms, that some policies wouldn’t cover.

This is also good news for the Obama campaign and Democrats around the country. Republicans now will have a hard time claiming at rallies that the President’s administration overreached on trying to fix the health care problems in this country. The GOP was counting on what they thought would be a reliable 5-4 conservative majority to blast the President’s plan to help all Americans afford health insurance and medical care. Republicans were just waiting for the cudgel to be handed to them, so they could launch their summertime efforts of bashing the President, hoping that would win them votes for Mitt Romney.

Looks like they need a Plan B (no, not that Plan B!) for attacking the President. Their attempts for blame him for rising gas prices as a campaign tactic are in the tank (so to speak!) now that prices are dropping, now the main part of their plan of attack for the rest of the election season is gone. I know they’ve got other issues they’re going to use, but the Republican party had pretty much put all their eggs in this basket as the one specific thing they could attack on.

According to news reports, Republicans who were in the courtroom as the justices read their opinions had their jaws drop and their eyes rolled back in their heads. They did NOT expect this. They expected another Bush v. Gore — another instance when the high court showed its political leanings rather than its judicial analysis.

Republicans lost today and the Democrats, and Americans, won.

I have a feeling that Chief Justice Roberts won’t be getting any summer barbeque invitations anytime soon from the Romney campaign or the GOP attack machine!