Mitt Romney was the big winner on Super Tuesday.  Or was he?

Yes, he placed first in six of the ten state races. Yes, he came out on top in Ohio, the most watched contest of the night. But it’s hard for anyone who’s objective about the primaries and caucuses to say Romney got the slam dunk he wanted, and needed, to move forward as Mr. Inevitability.

While reports of the candidates’ ad spending in Ohio vary, one thing is true — Romney shelled out much more than his main challenger, Rick Santorum, by a huge margin. Various sources say Romney and the Super PACs supporting him spent between $4 million and $12 million, while Santorum and his supporting PACs pulled somewhere between $1 to $1.4 million from their coffers.

Ohio has long been a predictor of how things play in presidential general elections. And the clear message that Ohioans sent in their primary was, “We’ll give Romney the win, but you can’t buy our votes.”

So what are the Super Tuesday lessons the remaining GOP candidates can take away? Read the rest of my thoughts on the GOP’s big primary day at iVillage iVote, where I’m 2012 Election Editor.