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Excuse me, moms. Have you ever stepped off your work or career path to be a full-time stay-at-home parent? If so then you, like me, are to blame for the impending demise of feminism. At least that’s what one so-called social critic is trying to get everyone to believe.

Just when you thought we were all done with the faux conflict between the political right and left over whether Democrats hate Ann Romney because she “never worked a day in her life” (which should really have been a discussion about whether the Romneys are too wealthy to be in touch with the economic woes of real Americans. Exhibit A? Car elevator) we’re right back in the thick of another mommy wars campaign, this time from a woman who is best known for being outrageous.

Who knew that mothers were so dangerous when it comes to ending an equality movement that’s been around for centuries?!

That’s what I’m heated up about at my Spin Cycle column at Babble Voices!