It’s T minus 48 days and counting to Presidential election 2008. And the closer we get to November 4, it seems like more and more mothers are making their political voices heard online. So this week, for PunditMom’s Mothers of Intention post, I bring you some amazing women who have taken up the political at their personal blogs! Make sure you check them out!

Jodifur with I’m Breaking a Promise to Myself

Velveteen Mind with Gravel Paves the Road to the White House

SoCal Mom with The Year of the Women

Up with Moms with Palin in Comparison: Tearing Down the Working Mom Facade

Don’t Gel Too Soon with Pay No Attention to the Woman Behind the Curtain: Sarah Palin is This Elections’ Wizard of Oz

Leah Peah with Politics

Do you see a trend here? A couple of months ago, if I wanted to do a round-up of other mom’s political writing, it took a few days to gather one or two. This week? No problem — moms and politics are sprouting up all over the place!

Stay tuned for plenty more Mothers of Intention as I countdown here at PunditMom to Election Day and the start of the 2012 Presidential Campaign!