One good thing about this “snow event” on the I-95 corridor this weekend — legislators are stuck here and have to keep working away on the ever evolving health care bill (not that that’s going to do us a lot of good on the reproductive rights front). Just a few miles away as the crow flies, this is what we’ve got to keep us busy — and we’re only about half done with the snowfall!

Blizzard 1

Blizzard 2

I’d say 12 inches and counting

harry reid

That oughta keep ’em inside working for a while


Mr. PunditMom isn’t coming over to Capitol Hill with his snowblower until you work out some decent legislation!

UPDATE: We clearly will not be sending Mr. PunditMom to Capitol Hill, as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is capitulating to Senator Ben Nelson about even MORE restrictive language on abortion & women’s health care.  This isn’t a health care “starter home” as Reid proclaimed; this is shack in a back alley.