So, don’t ya’ know that Sarah Palin has her own reality show on TLCKarl Rove and his pals have been sayin’ if Sarah really wants to run for president in 2012, voters are just gonna be laughin’ at her and her Alaskan posse.   But goin’ rogue has been workin’ for Sarah for a couple of years, so why change anything now?

Sorry for channeling my inner Tina Fey channeling her inner Sarah Palin there for a moment — I think it’s the new glasses.

It’s surprising that if Rove and all of George W. Bush’s GOP handlers thought those clearing brush on the Texas ranch photo ops were good for Bush’s presidential image, that somehow Palin’s presidential “gravitas” is injured being seen fishing, kayaking and mountain climbing with her family.

We’re a country that loves the whole politician-as-rugged-outdoorsman type.  Well, except for that whole Dick Cheney shooting his pal in the face while bird hunting episode.  Think Ronald Reagan in his cowboy hat and Teddy Roosevelt hanging out with the buffalo in Yellowstone.  Even with her approval ratings a bit in the tank at the moment, Palin knows what she’s doing when it comes to staying in the public eye so she can keep those electoral options open.

TLC says the Palin series is really about showcasing the wild beauty of Alaska.  That might be the official line, but given the prominence Palin and her kids play in the episode snippets I’ve seen, Sarah Palin’s Alaska can only be viewed as the wily mama grizzly putting one past the Federal Election Commission.

Regardless of what you think of Palin’s politics, you have to admit she’s a calculating one when it comes to crafting the imagery of rugged American motherhood.  When the TLC series is over, don’t be surprised if she finds her way onto some other popular show that will give her a high pop culture profile for 2012.

After all, she does have a contract with Fox News.  I certainly wouldn’t put it past Palin to put the moves on Jennifer Lopez’s American Idol slot.

Image via TLC