I suppose it’s only natural that people try to revise the part of their histories that doesn’t fit with their self view. So I guess Sarah Palin is no exception. But it’s important to be careful how far one goes with reinvention or revisionism, ’cause ya’ know — these tapes are going to be around in 2012.

The fancy duds just showed up? Really? Man, if there’s an RNC clothes fairy, maybe it is time to change political affiliations, because I could use a couple of new outfits.

And poor Sarah seems to be a little confused about whether she is or is not a feminist. First she told Katie Couric she was. The she told Brian Williams she wasn’t. Now she is again.

Governor Palin, do you really want an opportunity to sit down and talk with more women journalists (aside from the ones on Fox News)? Well, even though you just insulted me about where and how I do my writing, as well as my blogging attire, PunditMom is here (or here or here or here or here or here!) anytime you want the opportunity to sit down and talk in a way that will reach all sorts of women. But if you’re not even sure who you are, how can we be?

One thing is clear to me about Sarah Palin from listening to so many interviews with her — if you question her or back her into a corner, she’ll call you names and tell you your mother dresses you funny. Bloggers in their parents basements? Really, Sarah — you and I both know that you know better. If you have some serious criticism, please make it but the name calling really isn’t becoming.

Sarah, you think we don’t know you? Actually, we do. We know your type way better than you think we do. You just don’t like it that we’ve got your number.

So don’t hold your breath on POTUS 2012.