… doesn’t mean they aren’t really out to get you.

In all great humor, there’s always a grain of truth.

Sure, Comedy Central is having a little fun, but how do we explain MSNBC’s Chris Matthews turning a guest’s favorable comment about both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during the pre-Ohio debate coverage into one just about Obama?

Matthews’ guest, a representative of the Ohio Democratic Party, asked the crowd to respond if they liked the views of the Democratic candidates on a particular issue (sorry, I can’t remember which one!).

Then Matthews immediately instructed the crowd to cheer if they backed Obama’s position, excluding Hillary. The Democratic Party guest quickly jumped in and asked for those in favor of Hillary on that same issue to cheer. To my ears, about an equal number hooped it up for Obama as for Hillary. Matthews dismissed the Hillary backers, saying, “That’s just one guy making a lot of noise.”

Granted, this is just an example of one person, but after a while, you’ve got to wonder — maybe they really ARE out to get her.

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