At the Summer Palace in Beijing, there is a tourist attraction called The Long Corridor.

It doesn’t seem so long at first, but it’s a hefty little stroll along Kunming Lake.  The paintings almost bring the ancient royal families to life, but for the throngs of tourists who take the stroll now.

As we’re closing up our suitcases and heading for the airport, my stomach is churning about The Long Plane Ride on for our journey to bring PunditGirl’s birth country to life for her.

I wanted to write some amazingly thoughtful post this morning as I’m going over the packing list, making sure we have all the phone numbers and e-mail addresses we’re going to need, and doing the last-minute house straightening so I don’t have to come home on two weeks to a mess in the kitchen!

But all I can think of at the moment is the 15 + hours it will take to get there, how sleep-deprived and jet-lagged we’ll be, and how PunditGirl’s life is about to change forever in ways that we can’t even fathom yet.

Internet access permitting, I’ll be posting snippets of the trip here whenever possible.  There will be little political wonkiness here for a bit — but there’s plenty of time for that when we get back!