You know you’re always looking for something new to read over the weekend!  Here are some picks for you from some of the blogs I’ve been reading this week:

Kristen at Rage Against the Minivan takes on the question of whether we really have to have another adoption-related blogosphere fight.

At the Huffington Post, Jessica asks the excellent question of why divorced parents always seem to get back together in the movies when that’s really not how it works out in real life.

Katie wrote an amazing piece at Babble Voices on the retirement of women’s basketball coach Pat Summit. Feminist hero and working mom.

Super PACS are coming to a street near you, including Sesame Street.

Of course, I have some choice tidbits at my weekly round up at iVillage called The Week That Was: Six things you need to know right now!

And, I had to include this:

What are you reading (or watching) this weekend?