Lots of good stuff this morning!

Sarah Palin is getting testier in an interview with Esquire magazine about those of us she calls “bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie.” Just when you thought you were out, she pulls you back in!

Confirmation hearings are getting underway this morning for Attorney General nominee Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary-designate Janet Napolitano.

Treasury Secretary- designee Timothy Geithner’s “innocent” tax mistakes are more extensive than first thought. My favorite — he deducted his kids’ summer camp costs as child care expenses, even after being advised he couldn’t.

Six reasons why ensuring fair pay is still important.

I’m glad the Wonkess can explain all this economic stuff to me.

One columnist thinks Obama supporters are “creepy.” Really? What do you think?

And Capitol Hill Cats might become my new favorite show!