I have a feeling the Kennedy family is going to have a few choice words for New York Governor David Paterson. After leading her to believe she was the front runner, Paterson now says Caroline Kennedy was “not ready for prime time.” OUCH!

Gender discrimination in public schools? SCOTUS says, mmm, not so much.

Have a few minutes over lunch today? I’ll be talking with Gloria Feldt, the former president of Planned Parenthood at BlogTalk Radio on her thoughts on how progressive women should view the new Obama administration. Join us at noon!

The RNC is still trying to decide who’s going to head up the party for the next four years.

The Obama administration had been invited by the court system to redefine “enemy combatant.” This is way more than just interesting — courts hardly ever do something like this. Even our judicial system has had enough of the Bush years?

“OOPS, I did it again,” isn’t really a good response when a nurse who is openly anti-abortion, and who thinks IUDs are a form of abortion, removes a patients IUD without her permission.

And at dinner tonight, raise a glass to Lilly Ledbetter!