‘Tis the season for gift guides!

While I don’t usually put one together, my amazing friend Samantha from Garza Girls gave me the inspiration to think about what would make the perfect gift for the pundits in your household.  After all, the 2012 primary election season begins immediately after the holiday season, so why not consider giving the politicos in your family a little political inspiration and amusement before things turn really ugly after the Iowa Caucuses!

1. Of course, I would love, LOVE it if you would consider purchasing Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America (Bright Sky Press) for those on your list who might be interested to learn that people other than cranky old white guys are tuned in to important issues and making a difference in their communities.  Mothers of Intention explores how women are embracing the tools of social media to kill once and for all the notion that once kids are in the picture, all thoughts of anything serious fly out of our pretty little heads!  It also features essays from 50 amazing women writers from around the web, showcasing how they embraced their inner pundits to make the world a better place for their kids.

If you do decide to purchase Mothers of Intention, forward a copy of the E-mail receipt to me at joanne (at) punditmom (dot) com, and I’ll send along an autographed book plate and I’ll enter you for a chance to win a copy of The Beauty of Different (Bright Sky Press) by my amazing friend Karen Walrond.

There are so many other things one could give a budding pundit or political observer.  Here are few I think they’d love:

2. What progressive woman’s wardrobe is complete without these earrings that feature a photo of President Obama inside the Presidential Seal?

3. Or maybe a Cain for President 2012 necklace?  That’s bound to have some value as a collector’s item!

4. I’m not a GOP supporter, but I was amused by this “Mitt Happens” T-shirt from the Romney supporters.

5. How about a copy of one of Jon Huntsman’s books?  I hadn’t realized he was a published author, but he wrote a little something called Winners Never Cheat: Even in Difficult Times.  I wonder if anyone in the GOP has consulted this when it comes to their political strategy?  Oh, and did I mention the foreword is by Glenn Beck?

6. If you’re a Michele Bachmann supporter and make a contribution to her campaign, you can score a snuggly “Bachmann for President” fleece to keep you warm this winter.

7. While he probably won’t let you use his line of credit, a nice trinket from Tiffany’s can be a reminder of  the campaign that the disgraced former Speaker of the House is running.  Or, if money is tight, maybe you can find a replica of one of the many pieces he’s already bought his wife.

8. I hear Rick Perry has some extra cowboy boots he might be willing to auction off.

9. For the Democrat in your life, maybe a nice, new party affiliation decoration for the tree?

10. Or, in honor of Newt “Gin-Grinch,” how about one of my personal favorite trinkets for decorating?  Perfect for Festivus?

So if your shopping isn’t done yet, maybe one of these unique gifts will be just what someone on your list would love to receive!  Of course, it’s not too early to think about 2016, either!