It’s only about a month until the Presidential election, so you know things are hoppin’ busy on the campaign trail.

But Michelle Obama still took the time out to write a special guest post for MOMocrats on Making Our Voices Heard.

It’s as simple as registering to vote, but it’s so much more than that. Michelle writes:

During the past 19 months, I’ve met with women in towns and cities all across the country. And I keep hearing about how they’re so busy trying to do it all—balancing work, taking care of kids, looking after parents, and managing all their family’s affairs—that it can feel impossible to fit anything else on their To Do lists.

But every day, when women drive to school or work or home, they almost certainly drive pass several places where you can register to vote. In many states, you can register at post offices, public libraries, and the DMV and other local and state government offices.

Go read the rest of what Michelle has to say about why you must go register to vote now. Go ahead. You’ll be glad you did.