Where have I been hanging out this week besides PunditMom? No, I wasn’t in that beautiful Giverny garden in France, but I was a few other fun places ….

I was honored to be selected by Working Mother Magazine as one of the most powerful mothers in social media! I’m in some amazing company.  Now if I could use some of that power to convince the rest of the Pundit Family to help out with that pile of laundry!

Speaking of magazines, MORE Magazine talked with me for the article in their September issue, entitled Get Angry.  Go Viral.  Use Social Media for Change! Don’t worry — I didn’t sound too angry!

I’m enjoying hanging out at the new Babble Voices, wondering at my weekly column the Spin Cycle what kind of parenting advice we can glean from the GOP Presidential candidates.

And I recently had the pleasure of talking with Stacey Nerdin at She Posts about how my book Mothers of Intention came to be.

There, that’s a little reading that should get you through your weekend cup of coffee!

Image by Joanne Bamberger.  All rights reserved.