It’s presidential debate time! The moments we’ve all been waiting for in the 2012 campaign!

OK, so maybe you haven’t been on the edge of your seat about the stand-at-the-podium, semi-scripted events that are a presidential campaign rite of passage.  So much of the lead-up coverage for the first debate is about what zingers we’re going to hear. Maybe there will be a Saturday Live-type moment (“Can I Call you, Joe? ‘Cuz I’ve got a couple zingers where I call you Joe.”)

But depending on how firm any particular moderator is, and how willing he or she is to push and follow up on responses, there are a few things I’d really like to hear from President Obama and Mitt Romney — and my debate wish list has nothing to do with a dog on the car roof or who has the better basketball game.

So how do I want moderator Jim Lehrer to kick off the first presidential debate of 2012? I’ve listed my top five requests at my column, The Spin Cycle.