Image via Boris Rasin via Wikimedia/Creative Commons license

There is just TOO much going on in the world of presidential politics to weigh in on all the pundit-y goodness that could surely fill pages of this site!  But what’s a girl to do when the whole world of Republican politics looks like it’s turning upside down?  I was all set to have a quiet ‘catch up on E-mails’ kind of day when all hell broke loose:

1. Rick Perry is dropping out of the 2012 presidential race,

2. Rick Santorum has now been declared the winner of the Iowa Caucuses after a recount followed the apparent Mitt Romney win by eight votes,

3. ABC News supposedly has a tell-all interview with Mrs. Newt Gingrich number2 in which she will dish on all the reasons Newt isn’t fit to be president (other than the obvious thing about being a serial cheater),

4. Mitt “I’m unemployed just like you” Romney has millions in offshore investments.  And you know why people and corporations make offshore investments — to avoid paying taxes in the U.S.!

5. And some people think it might have been God’s will that Michelle Bachmann came in last in the Iowa caucuses.

Ron Paul must be beside himself with glee.

Now, no one should EVER count their chickens in politics or press their luck until the fat lady really has started singing, but if I were President Obama’s campaign team, I might be thinking about breaking out one of the cheaper bottles of champagne. (Gotta save the good stuff for November!)