My goal is to share the beauty in everyday life wherever it is found through my photography. I hope you enjoy my images!

Being a “flaneur” in Paris is the best – wandering, etc. But for me one of the best places to do that is actually along the Seine w/ the bouqanistes, or booksellers.

Tokyo Fish Market

The famous Tokyo fish market where fisherman would actually auction off their daily catch has been moved from the location it had been for decades. While you have to venture further afield to have that

Little girl in kimono Kyoto

Tokyo can sometimes be overwhelming. Kyoto, on the other hand, has a much slower and more welcoming pace. It’s very easy to adopt a zen mindset as you visit the various shrines around the city.

Kyoto School Girls

The streets of Kyoto are filled with uniform-wearing school girls. Walking in groups, after school, laughing, talking. I’ve discovered that another way to capture great street photography images is from a cab. I spied these

Tokyo Train Station Cleaners

Many things are a matter of precision on Japan. The bullet trains running on time is one of them. And to keep them running on time, there precision cleaning crews that await each arrival at

Tokyo Women Bike

I love practicing my street photography from the window of a cab. Being inside of a car gives a bit of anonymous separation from photo subjects that you don’t get otherwise, allowing you to capture

China B&W cyclist

I have been to China twice – once to bring home our daughter and the second time to go back with her on a “homeland” tour when she was 10. Beijing was our first stop

Italy Kiss

The gift to a street photographer of dining al fresco is the chance to capture moments like this. Tables spaced apart. A little shade. A quick shutter speed. All aid in capturing this wonderfully sweet

Hawaii Double Rainbow

Hawaii is an incredibly special place and my family and I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel to several of the islands over the years. Hawaii has no shortage of rainbows. It

Christmas Escalator

One thing I love about street photography is being able to capture images like this. I always have my eye out for interesting images – colors, moments, contrasts. Walking through an indoor mall near our