Ladies, the marketing world knows that many of us start to fret about putting on a few pounds over the holidays. Even if I think about it in my head, I bite my tongue so that soon-to-be nine-year-old PunditGirl doesn’t get it into her brain, already full of worries, that if mommy is concerned about a little pudginess here and there, that she should, too.

So, let’s keep all our daughters away from this — FLABuLESS, for the woman who’s worried about arm flab.

Yes, you heard me — arm flab. First, let me tell the creators that my arm flab is the least of my worries. Then I realized they’re not marketing this to normal sized women like me. They’re aiming for the skinny woman market. The news release specifically points to Caroline Kennedy (who as a friend said, could stand to eat a sandwich — or ten), who has no need for Spanx or body-shapers or Lycra slimmers.

This time last year, I was lamenting the idiots who were claiming that Nigella Lawson needed to lay off the holiday cookies.

When asked about the public media criticism of her zaftig shapeliness she asked, When did the “great god of skinny” topple that of beauty?

So as I suggested last year, perhaps our gift to ourselves this December should be to embrace Nigella’s attitude and get more comfortable in our skins and enjoy our holiday indulgences like the pleasures of homemade cookies and other goodies we only get this time of year.

And let’s put those FLABuLESS people out of business so that our daughters don’t use this as yet another reason to stress over whether their bodies are “perfect.” Anyway, I have a few other things more worthy of my attention than a little swinging flab!