Well, actually, you can probably guess that I have loads of reasons why I won’t be voting for the McCain/Palin ticket tomorrow. And lots of really good reasons to hope that the electronic voting machine I know I’ll be using will accurately record my vote for Obama & Biden, as well as the other Democrats on my ballot.

I’ve always had lots of reasons for my political beliefs, but tomorrow I only need one reason for how I am voting — PunditGirl.

I feel like I’ve been lucky — coming of age at just the right time when Gloria Steinem and others were out there working to make sure that if I, as a college student, wanted a prescription for the birth control pill, I could see my doctor and get it without having to get my parents’ OK. I had more options for a career other than the traditional “women’s” jobs of teaching or nursing. I could have a political voice and opinions, and act on them in ways that other generations of women before me couldn’t.

But there have still been serious limitations — getting paid less than men for the same work, being subject to sexual harassment in the workplace and seeing working mothers treated like pariahs by employers and those who still believe a “little woman’s” place is in the home.

I’ll be damned if I’ll sit by and watch politicians try to tell us and our daughters that there’s no need for a law to make sure they get equal pay and all they have to do is get a little more education and work a little harder.

And I’ll be damned if I don’t do whatever I can to stop the growing wave of government interference with the ability of women to have effective birth control and reproductive rights.

And I’ll be damned if we let someone steer this country further into economic bankruptcy for the sake of their political contributors.

I’ll be damned if I’ll let the voices of women be pushed into the realm of fluff.

Look at that punim.

Think about that face when you go into the voting booth and ask yourself if you can really vote for a ticket that would set women (and girls) back so far that we’d have to clone Gloria Steinem to fight for us again.

Don’t vote for Obama & Biden for me. Do it for our daughters. Do it for mine.