Here’s a little light reading from the Mothers of Intention file to get you through the week!

Darryle Pollack weighs in eloquently on a topic I’ve been thinking about, but for which I haven’t been able to put my thoughts together — the separation of Al and Tipper Gore.

Julie Marsh wonders why the GOP is doing so poorly at trying to figure out this whole social media thing. Plus she also has a thing or two to say about why all parents have a stake in the Texas School Board race.

Katherine Lewis is collecting and sharing real working mom’s back to work stories at her column.

Ariana Kelly is running for the State Legislature in Maryland!  Rats!  She’s not in my district, but she’s oh so close!

And I’m over at my Speaker of the House column at The Stir today wondering whether we need Female Engagement Teams here in the U.S. like the one the Marines have put together in Afghanistan.