Well, the Fourth of July fireworks are over and summer is in full swing! So it’s time for this year’s Mothers of Intention summer reading list! While we often think about something a little lighter for those days by the pool or at the beach, here are a few suggestions I’d like to make to keep our minds percolating until the kids head back to school:

Womenomics, by Claire Shipman & Katty Kay — These two journalists have written an eye-opening book about getting us to recognize the power women have in the workplace to create the kind of work experience we want without sacrificing the time we want and need to spend with our families. I was really honored that both of these fantastic journalists agreed to have a book party at Chez PunditMom last week and inspired all of us in the room to rethink how we approach our work lives.

If They Only Listened to Us, by Melinda Henneberger — A great, quick read about women around the country who’ve taken control of their own political power that makes you think about what else we should be doing to make sure we’re not pigeonholed as “soccer moms.”

Have a Nice Day, by Justin Webb — Justin and his family are friends of ours and they are headed back to England later this summer after many years of living in the U.S. Justin has been the BBC’s North America editor and has a fresh perspective on how Europeans view us and our ideas on politics, religion, freedom and a variety of other topics, as well as our penchant for telling everyone to “Have a nice day!”

Life Happens, by Connie Schultz — Regular readers here know I’m a big fan of Connie’s column at The Plain Dealer in Cleveland. This volume is a wonderful compilation of some of her best essays on life, love, and family. You won’t be sorry you packed this one in your beach bag!

Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters, by Nancy Pelosi — This little volume is an interesting read as a pep talk from the first woman Speaker of the House to encourage girls to stake a claim to their power, know opportunities when they see them and being active in their efforts to get a seat at the table of power. Who would know better on these things than Pelosi?

The Brethren, by Bob Woodward & Scott Armstrong — It’s an oldie but goodie about the real inner machinations of the Supreme Court. With the current makeup of the highest bench in the land and the upcoming confirmation hearings on Judge Sonia Sotomayor, this, along with The Nine by Jefrrey Toobin, would be entertaining and enlightening reads for the summertime, even if you’re not a “recovering” attorney like me!

So there you have it! PunditMom’s summer reading recommendations. If you’ve got some thoughts on non-traditional beach reading, let me know in the comments!