We all know this end of summer/back to school time of year is a hectic one.  So while we’re all trying to manage (myself included), here’s some good reading from some of my favorite Mothers of Intention:

Aimee Giese aka Greeblemonkey met with the First Lady of Panama to talk about Project C.U.R.E.  Read more here to learn about this great effort!

My fellow MOMocrat Karoli takes on conservative talking points on right wing feminism.

Gloria Feldt wonders at her blog Heartfeldt Politics whether GOP women candidates that everyone is crowing about are really good for all women? (And, yes, that’s me in the video!)

MomsRising blog wonders why bankers want to know about our uteruses.

And Susan Getgood of Marketing Roadmaps blog has a new book!  Check out Professional Blogging for Dummies!