Just because our official once a year Mother’s Day celebration is over, doesn’t mean we should forget about what mothers are thinking about.  So, I thought a special Mother’s Day edition of Mother’s of Intention was in order.  So, here is some excellent reading from some moms I like, and they’re not just thinking about a day off from cooking or a bouquet of flowers (though flowers are nice anytime — hint, hint!):

Robin Marty has a wonderful letter to her three-year-old daughters about what she wants the world to look like for her.

Sandra Fish at Woman Up on Politics Daily has a lovely tribute to the strong women who raised her.

What would you really like for Mother’s Day?  Valerie Young has a great list at the Women’s Campaign Forum blog called A Mother in the House … and Senate?

It’s not too late to make your mom the Mother of the Decade!

Blue Oregon blog is wondering whether mothers in Arizona are happy.

And the New York Times has a wonderful round-up looking at organizations that are trying to make motherhood safer for women around the world.

That should keep you busy thinking about moms for a while!