As the Democratic Convention draws closer, I’ve noticed that progressive women’s voices seem to be getting a little bit louder! There are plenty of events to get more women active.

Lots of us will not be able to be there, but you can read their books!

Here are a few offerings from some very high profile Mothers of Intention to get you through the rest of the summer and the Democratic and GOP conventions:

Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters, by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: I started this book at the pool yesterday, and it is a quick read — part bio and part motivational piece to get all of us women, not just our daughters, off our duffs and working for the change we want to see. Check out the Amazon link for a video interview with Pelosi, as well (sorry, Amazon won’t let me embed it!)

Rumors of Our Progress Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, by Rep. Carolyn Maloney: A look at why women’s lives really aren’t getting any easier, even though we think they should be. Also check out the great interview of Congresswoman Maloney over at MOMocrats that would make a great companion to the book!

Women’s Media Center articles: OK, so you have to print them out to take to the pool or the beach, but it’s worth a little ink and paper for Sexism: The Invisible ‘Ism’ and Obama and Women Leaders Get Down to Business.

Also, for something a little lighter, I recommend the new book by Michelle of White Trash Mom blog called, what else, The White Trash Mom Handbook! Don’t get all riled up at the name — it’s got advice about how to navigate the treacherous waters of PTA meetings and school events! I’m still waiting for my copy, BUT having read Michelle’s blog, I know it’s Mother of Intention-worthy!

Also, life is funny sometimes. When Michelle and I talked at BlogHer, we realized our paths had crossed in our earlier lives, though we both only had dim recollections of the actual meeting (age and kids will do that to a mom brain!)

So enjoy the reading recommendations, let me know what you think and stay tuned for more Mothers of Intention!