This time of year, it’s easy to feel like a lame duck.  Congress claims it can’t get anything done because some people are on the way out and others are on the way in.  As evidenced by the doings in Washington, D.C. in the last two weeks, the lame duck theory is now clearly a myth.

As many of us get ready for the holiday season, and all the cookies and celebrations that entails, it’s easy to feel like lame ducks in our personal lives, as well.  But there are plenty of Mothers of Intention who keep going even in the lead up to Christmas Day:

My favorite “security mom” Lorelei Kelly reminds us as she writes about the START Treaty that keeping us safe from nukes requires more today than those “old white guys drinking scotch and issuing rules from occupied castles.”

My feminista pal Veronica had the opportunity to attend the No Labels launch and weighs in on whether non-partisan politics is possible.

Lawyer Mama Steph weighs in on Senator Harry Reid, Lady Gaga and DADT.

And Julie Marsh takes on the great ‘smores conspiracy of 2010.

Do you have a favorite political Mother of Intention?  Let me know — I’m always looking for more!