I hate winter and I love summer.  When PunditGirl asks me if I’d rather be too hot or too cold, the answer for me is always, “Too Hot!”

Until this summer.  I don’t know what’s going on with the seasons or global warming, but after having several snowpocalypses this past winter and now  multiple 100 degree days starting in June?  Well,  that’s all just too wacky, even for D.C. weather.

So as I’m contemplating the fact that it’s too hot to even go to the swimming pool, here’s some Mothers of Intention reading to keep you occupied in the a/c!

— Just when it seems there isn’t anything else the President can be criticized for, Julie Marsh writes about the current thinking that maybe Barack Obama a girlie president.

— Robin Marty is thinking about some lesser known women of the American Revolution (a little post-July 4th reading!) at Care 2.

— Lorelei Kelly raises an important issue about the military — they can’t solve all problems and it makes no sense to send people in uniform to solve every crisis in the world.

— And The Glass Hammer blog contemplates something I’ve been thinking about for a while as a “recovering attorney” — what message are we getting about what a successful law career looks like for a woman when the last two Supreme Court nominees have been childless women?