I’m sure I’ll have a lot to share after returning from the Netroots Nation convention/conference for progressive politicos and bloggers.  But in the meantime, as I’m winging my way from the heat of Las Vegas back to the heat of the nation’s capital, here are a few great posts from some Mothers of Intention that deserve your time and attention:

My friend Corina from Down to Earth Mama is fired up about some significant changes happening in her area’s schools.  As a former teacher, she has an insight you don’t want to miss about Fighting Repeal of Diversity.

My fellow MOMocrat Melissa fires back at the latest craziness at FOX News.  Apparently it’s not okay with them to teach your young children the anatomically correct names for their body parts.

Ariana Kelly who is running for the state House of Delegates in Maryland wonders whether she just walked into the men’s locker room.

Change.org has a disturbing piece on the forced sterilization of Uzbek women.

And while not written by a woman, here’s just one of the many pieces on Shirley Sherrod. Don’t even GET me started on how the White House and Democrats keep falling for the FOX News ‘we’re only telling part of the story’ routine.

And if that’s not enough, check out all the finalists for BlogHer’s “Voices of the Year” award!  And, yes, I am exceedingly honored to have been nominated for one of my posts about how new media moms are treated by some of the mainstream media. The cool thing about this honor is that, as happened at Mom 2.0 Summit, a piece of art has been commissioned for each finalist’s essay!  They’ll be auctioned off for Gulf Coast relief.  If that isn’t a lot of mom power for a good cause, I don’t know what is!