In the days since the massacre in Tucson and attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, many people have been weighing in on the tragedy.  Here are a few thoughtful posts worthy of your time:

Ilina from Dirt and Noise takes a look at all the ways violence has permeated our society.  No one’s got a corner on using the language of violence in inappropriate ways.

Having said that, Sarah Palin should have reconsidered her retort to those who, myself included, believe that when we use the language of violence we own a piece of creating a generally violent society.  Robin Marty at Care2 writes about Palin’s invocation of the controversial term “blood libel,” not to mention “dueling pistols.”

Linda Lowen talks about the politics of nastiness and our own personal responsibility in how we allow others to treat us and talk about us, including in the political realm.

And Caroline at Morningside Mom is talking about our freedoms and our frustrations living in a free society.