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After all the hub-bub and faux hand-wringing by many Republicans and the Mitt Romney team about Romney’s wife Ann supposedly being the target of political “mommy wars,” the Romney campaign has apparently decided they can’t let this Mother’s Day go by without making some more hay.

It’s easy in the fast-paced world of politics and attack ads to harp on a topic that seems to have struck such a primal chord. But Romney’s people may have a rude awakening with their new ad:

Wishing America’s women a Happy Mother’s Day by reminding them of this episode and putting Ann on that motherhood pedestal — five boys, cancer, multiple sclerosis and then being attacked for “never working.” I hate to break it to the GOP, but reminding Americans of the comments of a DNC adviser and a comedian aren’t going to resonate as families across the country buy moms flowers and take them out for dinner and, hopefully, letting them skip one day of laundry duty.

There have been plenty of Republican attacks on First Lady Michelle Obama. And you can be sure if the President’s re-election team put out a Mother’s Day ad highlighting all the times conservatives have gone on the attack against Michelle, there would be a major outcry, especially from FOX News, the leader in making moms the biggest political issue of the 2012 campaign.

It was OK to attack Michelle Obama for designer sneakers and make up stories about lingerie shopping sprees, but politically unacceptable raise the same question if it’s Ann Romney’s $1,000 T-shirt?

It’s fine for multimillionaire Ann Romney to advise her husband on the economy, but Michelle Obama is smeared for talking about nutrition.

Republicans get a pass for mocking the First Lady’s physical appearance.  I can only begin to imagine the collective uproar if any Democrat fired back over anything like Ann Romney’s hairstyle or body shape.

I’m sure the Republicans believe this is a winner for them on Mother’s Day, but they’re treading on thin ice with this Ann Romney as martyr theme. They forget that people tire of these distractions, especially when it’s about candidates’ spouses.  They’re not the one’s we’re electing, so maybe they should save their campaign dollars and leave these two high profile moms out of it on Mother’s Day.