Everyone has been tweeting about the devastation in Haiti following the earthquake earlier this week.  Actually, the devastation isn’t done since aftershocks are still occurring.  Lots of people are trying to help, but the roads are in horrible shape and there’s no gas to put in the trucks to get the supplies from the airport to the victims.

Relief organizations need our help in raising money, but economic times are hard all over the world.  But what if every blogger and every Twitter user donated just $1 to the relief organization of their choice?  There are six million Twitter users and tens of millions of bloggers.  Even PunditGirl is getting out her piggy bank and donating.

And did I mention that it’s the official, annual Delurking Day?


How about “delurking” here and tell me where you’re going to donate your dollar (or even a couple more, if you like) to help the thousands upon thousands of people who are going to need medical assistance, food, clean drinking water and much, much more?

Not enough incentive for you?  Well, my friend Kristen at Motherhood Uncensored is collaborating with me today, and she’s going commando for Haiti relief!  She’s dropping her drawers to make a difference.  I bet you want to, as well!

When you’re done, head on over to Tweet your donation and this post and join this cause by using the hashtag #moms4haiti.

I’m counting — I hope  we get into the millions!

Postcript: As my friend Devra at Parentopia has reminded me, thousands upon thousands of Hurrican Katrina victims are also still in need of assistance.  So any donations for those Americans who need our help would also be incredibly helpful!