You know this year you won’t be able to escape political talk at happy hours, cocktail parties or even online.  But you don’t have to immerse yourself Congressional Quarterly or CSPAN to keep the conversation going.  So here are a few things political tidbits to keep in mind for any social events you attend this weekend.  You’ll impress AND amuse!

Kate Upton, the newest Sports Illustrated swimsuit “it” girl isn’t a politician.  But her uncle is.

President Obama has shared his 2012 campaign playlist.  Who knew Florence + The Machine was one of his ear worms?

Rick Santorum might not have very many working moms in his cabinet if he’s elected president.

Dogs are having their say in this campaign season.  Watch out, Mitt Romney!

And if you’re staying in with friends this weekend as you chat about politics, never fear — I know a friend who shares her her tasty cocktail recipes!

Image via Joanne Bamberger.  All rights reserved.