Ever since the 112th Congress was sworn in last month, there’s been a seemingly endless barrage of news about lawmakers trying to take away many of women’s hard-fought rights, so much so that I feel like Mr. Peabody’s WABAC machine has deposited me on June Cleaver’s 1950s doorstep.

Morning after morning, I hear reports about those who want to cut funds for access to contraception and screenings for breast and cervical cancer that American women of all political persuasions get from Planned Parenthood. Conservatives protest the use of pre-tax dollars for breast pumps, claiming it’s an unnecessary tax break for working mothers who need to stay in the workplace to support their families and pump healthy breast milk for their infants.

States like Minnesota are trying to repeal fair-pay laws and local governments are cutting Head Start funds, saying young children should be educated at home (which, by the way, would also help trim budget deficits).

So what decade am I living in anyway?  That’s what I’m wondering over at Politics Daily.