Herman Cain now has four women accusers saying he sexually harassed them and at least one recent story suggests that the number may rise. While Cain claims he’s not getting out of the 2012 Presidential race and that he’s in it to win it, how much longer can he survive, and is sexual harassment in work settings something that women just have to expect in the 21st century?

Those are questions I had a chance to discuss with iVillage’s Chief Correspondent Kelly Wallace as we’re getting warmed up for a new online show we’re going to be doing together!

So what will you need to know to decide who to vote for in the upcoming primaries? Are conservative women better at grassroots organizing than their liberal sisters? Which women do you wish were running for the White House? We’ll be dishing on those issues and more in the weeks to come! I can’t wait to tell you more as we get closer to the show’s launch!