As we’re coming up on the long holiday weekend, the PunditMom family is heading out to sunny California to visit family. While we’re away, I thought it would be fun to revisit a couple of posts from the heat of the presidential campaign last year.

Remember when Paris Hilton decided to run for president? I still stand by my original thoughts at the time — there might be something to the idea of getting her to serve in some governmental role. Remember how conversant she was on an effective energy policy?

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

Plus, I still have to admire the way she seized that moment not only to reinforce her patented image that keeps her in the public eye, but she also planted the seed that maybe she’s something more.

Well, maybe she’s not, but there’s still a lesson for us in this video — own your message and don’t let it be co-opted by others. Granted, a Paris Hilton political video isn’t the thing she’s going to hang her hat on for keeping herself in the spotlight. But she found an effective and humorous way to turn a negative portrayal of herself into a huge positive. You’ve gotta like that in a girl!

Now, I’m not suggesting that I want to see Hillary Clinton in a tankini or that Nancy Pelosi should shoot a commercial sitting on a chaise by the pool and a tropical drink to talk about health care. But there is a valuable media lesson we can all learn from Paris.

What slots are still open in the Obama administration? I’m pretty sure she’s available to start ASAP!