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I hate to break it to Gloria Cain, but I think she might be in denial about her husband Herman.

For Hillary Clinton, accusations against her husband President Bill Clinton about potential sexual extra-curricular activities could only be viewed as part of an ongoing “vast right wing conspiracy.”

The late Elizabeth Edwards initially believed that her husband John Edwards’  indiscretion with Rielle Hunter was a one time event, and let us all know that she had forgiven him, so we should too.

And then the tides infamously turned on both of those stories.

Clearly, we don’t know what Gloria Cain does or doesn’t know at this point about the allegations that have been made against her husband.  But there’s a long list of political wives who’ve each given their husbands the benefit of the doubt when it came to alleged sexual improprieties, only to have those stories change later.  So it’s hard to watch when yet another political wife becomes a character witness for the defense.  Gloria Cain may be right about Herman, but we know all too well how stories like this have frequently turned out in the past.  And it’s also not so uncommon for those who’ve been harassed or abused to wait years to come forward because of how they are often portrayed in the media, so the defense that these women would have come out sooner if their allegations of harassment were true doesn’t hold a lot of water.

I think Gloria might want to have a sit-down with Herman over dinner sometime soon.  Because while we all think we know our spouses or partners well enough to know their character and what they are, or are not, capable of, sometimes we’re wrong.  And then we’re surprised and shocked that we were wrong, and that we didn’t see the signs of something bigger before the truth hit us in the face.

Gloria says Herman Cain would have to have a “split personality” for the allegations against him to be true.  Like so many political wives who’ve come before her, she’s taking the “standing by her man” approach.   But we all know that could easily change sooner rather than later.