Twenty years is a long time to hold a grudge.  Not that something like that is beyond me — tick me off in just the right way, and I can carry that grudge until it gets good and heavy!  But usually if I’m going to get into a smack-down about something that’s made me mad, I usually prefer to do it as soon after the offending event as possible for maximum impact.

Apparently, Virginia Thomas, the wife of  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has a different take on whether a dish is best served hot or cold.  But someone forgot to tell her that when trying to reach out to Anita Hill — the woman who accused her husband of some pretty extreme workplace sexual harassment during his SCOTUS confirmation hearings — that maybe demanding an apology from her wasn’t the best way to go.

So what is Ginni Thomas up to?  I’m talking more about that over at my weekly column, Speaker of the House.